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Lions Supporting Teachers

Lions Quest has a history spanning back to 1984, and has been a flagship program of Lions in Australia since 1988. In Australia, Lions Quest is proudly a project of The Australian Lions Wellbeing Foundation. Lions Quest currently operates in over 100 countries worldwide.

Lions Clubs and their members are key to the success and expansion of Lions Quest, supporting the program through local funding, informing schools about Lions Quest, and undertaking joint service projects with schools if requested (Lions Quest has a community participation module, which reflects and supports the Lions model of service.)

Can your Club be a Lions Quest Champion?

Inform your local school

Can you drop a sample pack at your local school? Contacting the school and identifying a relevant staff member such as the Wellbeing Coordinator, Counsellor, Head of Curriculum can help ensure the information reaches the right person.

Provide a Lions Quest Grant

To inspire interest can your club offer 1 or more places for teachers to attend the online training and receive a curriculum pack valued at $225?
With our teacher training now offered online it is easy to have teachers from across the country attend our short 2 hour session which then gives them access to the full program,

Click here to download our guide detailing how your Lions Club can become involved.

Run an Intro Lions Quest Session at your Club Meeting

Intent v’s Impact

This education session for Lions Club, small groups or individuals is based on a Year 8 lesson from the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence curriculum.

The aim of the session is to raise awareness and stimulate thought and discussion about effective communication. Sometimes a message can be misunderstood because the sender and receiver have different perceptions. The message the speaker intends to communicate is not always what the receiver hears.

So get a few people together, select a volunteer to be the facilitator, and spend 15-30 minutes following the presentation and exploring the topic, whilst also getting a feel for the type of skills Lions quest teaches young people, skills that can support them through all stages of adulthood.

Download the Participant Notes to help you prepare for this session. We would welcome your feedback on how the session went, please email feedback to