Our Curriculum

What is Lions Quest?

Lions Quest offers a comprehensive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program that supports the development of happy, healthy and resilient young people who are caring and engaged members of their families, schools, and communities. 

Lions Quest has 2 curriculum levels

Skills for Growing (F-5) and Skills for Adolescence (6-8)

All lessons have been aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They have strong links to strands, sub-strands and key ideas in the Health and Physical Education and Humanities and Social Sciences learning areas and the Personal and Social arena of the cross-curricular General Capabilities. Each curriculum pack includes a Teacher Resource Guide, Program Guide and student and parent materials.

Access Sample Lessons

Select your level curriculum and you can access 1-2 free lesson plans allowing you to fully review the programs and even run a short in-class pilot. The lessons have been chosen from Unit 3 Social Development; themes 6 “Handling Conflict in Relationships” and 7 ”Building Healthy Relationships”.

“A HPE teacher’s dream!”

Easy to Implement

Each lesson contains a 3-page guide requiring minimal preparation time with all support materials provided including student journals and take-home family activities.

Teacher Training

Our online teacher training is designed to support classroom and schoolwide implementation of this world-renowned program.

The 2-hour workshop plus a short intro webinar gives teachers the opportunity to explore the lessons and materials, supporting them to make the most of what Lions Quest has to offer.

Find out more about our teachers’ training and how to book here.

Discover More
Watch our Lions Quest webinar For teachers

If you would like further insight into the Lions Quest SEL curriculum and what makes it a fabulous classroom resource we invite you to watch our teacher training intro video. Sign up for free access.

Complete Program Package

Lions Quest includes teacher training with comprehensive printed and digital resources for classroom and schoolwide implementation.

Online Teacher Training 

This experience will provide an overview of Social and Emotional Learning and its research, how to teach Lions Quest in a classroom, as well as instructional and implementation strategies. 


Printed resources

Nine grade-specific packs with a Teacher’s Resource Guide (Foundation to Year 8) covering six-unit topics supported by a Universal Program Guide.

Digital Resources 

Each curriculum pack contains a USB with support materials including slides, family-connections sheets, student journals and whole-of-school support materials.


Lions Quest SEL Curriculum lessons are based on CASEL’s five core competencies

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making

Find out more about SEL and the research surrounding Lions QUEST

Case Study

Year 4 students starting off the school year with Skills for Growing!

Bek Brown, Director of Wellbeing, Hills Christian Community School, SA explains how Lions Quest is being used at their school…

“There are so many SEL programs out there that are targeted for schools that it can feel overwhelming and very difficult to pick one. I was searching for a program that would teach students explicit social and emotional skills, while still being engaging and fun.

After going to the Lions Quest training day in September, I was confident that I had found such a program for our school. The curriculum is extremely user-friendly and educators have commented to me that “it is the best SEL program they have come across” and that their students are really enjoying it.

I particularly like the take home worksheets to help families build on what their children are learning in Lions Quest lessons at school. There is no doubt that we need to equip students for life beyond the classroom and Lions Quest – Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence help to do just that.”