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Q&A Video

Watch our short Q&A video to learn all about Lions Quest

This 14-minute on-demand webinar answers the 8 most commonly asked questions about Lions Quest.

What the heck is Lions Quest?

What’s the history of Lions Quest as a Lions project?

Lions Quest is referred to as a Social and Emotional Learning (or SEL) program. What does this mean?

How can schools benefit from adopting the Lions Quest programs?

And what about our young people? What do they need, and how can Lions Quest benefit them?

What do teachers think about Lions Quest?

How can a Lions Club benefit from adopting Lions Quest as a project?

What can Lions and Clubs do to support Lions Quest?

Why not…

  • spend a few minutes learning about this wonderful LCIF project and how it is implemented in Australian schools?
  • use the webinar at Club meetings as an information/education tool?