Tune In Not Out

Tune In Not Out (TINO) is an award winning portal style health and wellbeing website full of information to help young people navigate life’s challenges.

The website brings content from across Australia together in one central location on a range of topics from mental health, relationships, alcohol and other drugs, self esteem, body image, to work and school life and much more.

What does TINO Deliver?

A simple and easy website to navigate from a mobile, tablet or desktop computer

Content from across Australia delivered in one central location (we’ve done the searching for you!)

Content on over 50 health and wellbeing related topics aimed at 14-25 year olds

Information in a range of mediums; videos, factsheets, stories & even music!

Options for young people to leave their own stories or music playlist

A teachers and youth educators section with worksheets full of activities across a range of topic areas

Wellbeing topics

videos, factsheet & stories

Visits in 2019

Helping young people navigate life’s challenges


Recently we were interviewed by The Drug Education Network to introduce TINO. Listen to Project Officer Lynsey explain how TINO can help young people navigate life’s challenges.

Case Study

The TINO music section was started in conjunction with Music Therapist Dr Carmen Cheong-Clinch as part of Tune Your Mood – an initiative to promote young people’s understanding of how music can affect their wellbeing, both positively and negatively.

Dr Cheong-Clinch uses the TINO website to explore related topics and promote help-seeking with young people who are inpatients at a number of QLD hospitals. They then create music playlists which positively help them manage their situation and consider their intentional music listening.

This project has grown so much it now has its own section on TINO featuring a number of playlists as well as music submitted by other young people visiting TINO.

Be sure to check out this innovative way of bringing information and coping tools to young people.

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How can you use TINO?

Visit the TINo website www.tuneinnotout.com and take a look around.

 If you are a Lions Club or work with young people contact us for some promotional items

If you are a Lions Club and you would like to promote this fantastic resource to members contact us for a PowerPoint presentation

If you are school or youth worker checkout our worksheet area which uses the content on TINO to explore topic areas.

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