Community grants

ALWF proudly makes small grants available to help enable the community to take positive action.

ALWF invites Expressions of Interest from schools, Lions Clubs and community groups interested in developing projects which involve young people in the planning and running of a project, are inter-generational, help to increase the wellbeing of young people in your local area and are conducted in an alcohol and drug-free space.

Watch the video below to see an example of how a grant was used to support Anglesea Lions Club to run a camp to encourage local Indigenous students and young refugees to make authentic connections with their community and to develop their self-worth through participating in activities they normally would not have the opportunity to try.

What do the community initiative grants deliver?

Small grants up to $1000. There is no limit on the type or creativity of the project or activity. Choose an activity that makes your local community more vibrant and interesting.

Building of inter-generational relationships with community-minded members of a local Lions or Leos Club.Opportunities for community to work in partnership with their local Lions club

Mentoring for young people

A chance for young people to enjoy an activity in an alcohol and drug-free space.

The chance to share project ideas, visions and successes nationally

Some project suggestions are:

  • The conduct of youth-friendly social events
  • Development of Apps
  • Activities which involve young people diagnosed with, or recovering from, cancer or major illness
  • Activities which are environmentally sensitive and encourage the re-use or recycling of materials
  • Subsidies for young people to do courses (for example first aid, coaching, umpiring)
  • The building of community gardens
  • Sponsorship of charitable events (for example co-ordination of “a-thons” to help re-build local facilities after natural disasters)

Case Study

Discover how an ALWF Grants helped bring back a love of home cooking for young families.

An ALWF Community Initiatives Project grants helped the Whyalla Lions Club to work with the Beginnings group (a support group for young women recovering from substance misuse) to conduct a 10-week budget cooking program.

Each week, Lions Garry and Colleen shared their time-tested recipes and guided the young women to cook delicious, nutritious, economical meals that could be easily reproduced at home.

Recognition goes to the Whyalla Lions Club who realised many of the women were living week-to-week and struggling with uncertain circumstances. The Club matched the ALDAF donation to buy ingredients and the necessary cooking utensils for the young women to repeat the recipes at home with their families.

“This has been a great experience for everyone involved. We have connected with people in our community that we would not have met without the program” Beginnings participants, Sept 2017

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How can you benefit from an ALWF Community Grant?

If you are a Lion why not recommend the ALWF Community Grants to a school or community group who approach your club about a project

If you are a school or community group contact us to find out more. We help you find out about your local Lions Club as well as advice on how to apply.

Contact the ALWF Community Inititaives Grant Team

If you would like to apply for a grant please call  0418 859 007 to find out more.

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